First Dates New York Times Review

“Burning Love is perfectly watchable, but First Dates With Toby Harris, which can be seen in one 45-minute sitting, is something more than that: a textured, funny yet melancholy slice of life that packs cinematic ambitions into its brief running time."

Men's Journal: This Video Nails Why Trying to "Eat Healthy" is So Frustrating 

"The folks over at Funny Or Die have a video that has that just nails the ever-changing advice coming from nutritional scientists and health magazines — guilty — over the years."

Jaguar featured on Splitsider: I’m Very Sad I’m Seeing This Two Years Late

"Two long years after its debut, I watched it, and today, I’d like to share with you the feeling I imagine attendees at the 2014 Seattle Comedy Film Challenge felt when they watched Chuck and Charles accept the Audience Choice Award for their perfectly paced, enviably dumb short. I’d like to share with you that feeling today, a feeling of pure joy."

"First Dates" featured in TVLine's "5 Web Series Worth Watching"

Office worker Kinsey brilliantly guests in the latest episode as Toby’s verbally and sexually aggressive date. Somewhere, Angela Martin is blushing.

Seth Morris talks about "First Dates with Toby Harris" at SXSW

Yeah, one of Elliot’s goals is to just have a moment, a scene. One of the things I really like about it is that each of the writers did a really good job of writing a nice scene. Yahoo! Bolsters Its Comedy Video Lineup

Seth Morris will star in First Dates With Toby Harris, a 12-episode series of 3-to-5 minute videos from Funny or Die.